Sunrise 7:20 Weather NE of Rhome, TX Sunset 19:21

At 17:56 temperature is 71.8. Dewpoint 64.6
Wind is NE5.0 mph. Gust to 9.0. Ten min. avg. 5.0.
Barometer is 1018.9 and Steady. Humidity is 78
Storm Rain is 1.60. Rain Rate is 0.00.

History Data

Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours
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Outside Temperature
71.8F at 17:56
High 75.4F at 0:00
Low -90.0F at 6:58
High 98.2F
Low -90.0F
High 101.8F
Low -90.0F
Current Outside Temperature
Inside Temperature
77.1F at 17:56
High 78.1F at 0:00
Low 76.6F at 8:51
High 79.8F
Low 70.8F
High 81.2F
Low 43.4F
Current Inside Temperature
64.6F at 17:56
High 69.0F at 0:00
Low -94.0F at 6:58
High 77.0F
Low -94.0F
High 79.0F
Low -97.0F
Current Outside Dewpoint
Wind Chill
71.8F at 17:56
Today -113.0F at 11:54
Month -120.0F
Year -120.0F
Current Wind Chill
THW Index
73.0 F at 17:56
The THW Index uses humidity,
temperature and wind to calculate
an apparent temperature that incorporates
the cooling effects of wind on our
perception of temperature.
Current THW Index
Heat Index
73.0 F at 17:56
Today 78.0F at 0:00
Month 112.0F
Year 115.0F
Current Outside Heat Index

Wind Direction
NE 46° at 17:56
Current Wind Direction
Outside Humidity
78% at 17:56
High 80% at 0:22
Low 72% at 7:17
High 85%
Low 39%
High 92%
Low 18%
Current Outside Humidity
1018.9 mb at 17:56
High 1019.0 mb at 16:48
Low 1012.0 mb at 0:00
Low 1008.3 mb
High 1023.0 mb
Low 997.0 mb
High 1036.5 mb
Current Barometer
Wind Speed
5.0 mph at 17:56
One-minute 9.0 mph
Two-minute 9.0 mph
Five-minute 10.0 mph
10-minute 10.0 mph
Today 15.0 mph at 1:51
Month 40.0 mph
Year 51.0 mph
One-minute 6.2 mph
Two-minute 5.8 mph
Five-minute 6.0 mph
10-minute 4.5 mph
Current Wind Speed

Storm Rain Total 1.60 in Storm Rain Total High Rain Rates
6.06 in/hr at 1:58
Hourly 0.00 in/hr
Month 6.06 in/hr
Year 82.29 in/hr
Current Rain Rate
Today's Rain 1.60 in at 17:56 Today's Rain Month Total Rain 2.57 in Monthly Total Rain Year Total Rain 18.39 in Yearly Total Rain
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Wind Speed History Wind Speed History High Wind Speed History High Wind Speed History
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